Like any piece of sports equipment, you need to perform regular maintenance on your racquet. Over time, the grip and strings will require some attention.

Every time you connect your racquet with the ball, some friction is exchanged in the grip of your racquet. Over time, this can cause the grip to wear down.

Maintaining the grip is essential to maintain the power of your hits, while helping to reduce hand and arm strain. It also helps prevent the racquet from slipping out of your hand when you play, a leading cause of racquet breakage. Replacing your grip will ensure that you get powerful hits from your racquet for many seasons.

An associate or service shop technician will remove your old grip and replace it with a new one, often while you wait. It's a quick, easy and inexpensive way to refresh your racquet for the new season.

When it's time to string your racquet, there are many different options available to suit your style of play.The type of string and its desired tension can greatly affect how a racquet plays. Experiment with your string tension and material to see what works best for your game.

Some strings are designed to assist with generating more power and spin control with your racquet. These strings come in different shapes and textures to better grip the ball, which can help with topspin or drop shots. 

The tighter the tension on your strings, the greater ball control you'll experience with your racquet. Strings with a lower tension range provide more rebound for greater power.

A player without a specific power need should start with strings adjusted to a mid-range tension, and then make adjustments from there as needed. 

The thickness or gauge of the string affects racquet playability too. Generally speaking, thinner strings offer improved playability and spin potential on the ball, while thicker strings offer greater durability.

For optimal power and control, have your racquet restrung at least twice a year, depending on how often you play. If you play several times a week, consider having your strings adjusted even more often than that.

Our service technicians can replace and adjust the strings on your tennis, squash or badminton racquet for you, to ensure optimal responsiveness from your racquet all season long.

Performing these essential maintenance steps will help your racquet last through many seasons of play.