We'll do anything we can to get Canadians moving toward an active and healthy lifestyle, which is why Sport Chek is ramping up involvement in grassroots sporting initiatives across the country.

We've put local amateur sports in our sights because we know it's a surefire way to target millions of Canadians of all ages and skill levels. Starting at this recreational community level, we're investing in the wellness of Canadians.
Our goal is to reverse the sedentary trend that's been sweeping our nation for decades. To that end, we've partnered up with a number of local and national associations to encourage Canadians to realize Your Better Starts Here.


Jumpstart is a national charitable program that helps financially disadvantaged kids participate in organized sport and recreation. We help cover registration, equipment and/or transportation costs. Learn more

Amateur Sport
We're dedicated to helping foster the growth of burgeoning new athletes in all sports at all levels.  Learn more 
Community Sport Programs
By tying in to well-known organizations in national wellness and sports communities, we can stay connected to Canadians passionate about their active lifestyle. Learn more

Professional Sport

We've teamed up with pro hockey and soccer organizations across the country to help spread our Your Better Starts Here message to ravenous sports fans. Learn more