Diadora Luxe Women's Collection

The Diadora Luxe Collection offers premium materials and fashion-forward styling that can take you straight from the yoga studio to Sunday brunch without missing a step. Dress it up or dress it down, the collection was designed in Canada for the versatile woman who loves balancing work and play.

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Julia – Athlete, Neurologist, #girlboss

“It’s easy to stay comfortable, but the real magic happens when I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Seeing what my mind and body are capable of – that’s the thrill of life.”

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Kelsey – DJ, #girlboss

“I am so proud of the courage and resilience that I see in young women today. We’re out there chasing goals, pursuing passions, inspiring others and staying true to ourselves – that’s our super power.”

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Meghan – Mental Health Advocate, #girlboss

“Healthy living is a complete mind, body and soul package, so intricately intertwined. As the mental health movement continues to grow and we become allies with one another, it’s important to know that it’s ok to take care of yourself as well.”

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Gillian – Self-love Advocate, #girlboss

“More than ever, I want young women to grow up learning and practicing to love ourselves first and take the time to thrive and grow.  Self-love is the foundation for a happy and healthy life.”

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