Bauer Neuroshield

A Revolutionary New Approach to Head Protection

It’s not always about the big hit. Repeated hits to the head, even smaller impacts, have been shown to result in structural changes to an athlete’s brain over the course of a season. NeuroShield is a collar worn around the neck that uses the body’s own physiology to help stabilize the brain by applying light pressure to the neck. While helmets protect your head from the outside, NeuroShield protects your head from the inside and has been clinically shown to help protect the structure of the brain during sports related impacts. The short and long-term effects of these changes remain unknown at this time. The NeuroShield collar helps to protect the brain from these changes. The NeuroShield collar does not, however, prevent concussions.

  • NeuroShield is the result of more than seven years of research, product development and in-field studies with hockey, football and soccer players.
  • The light pressure slightly increases blood volume in the venous structures around the brain, an affect similar to a yawn or lying down. This helps reduce brain movement when hit.
  • Each NeuroShield is custom fitted at the time of purchase with 8 collar-size options to ensure the best fit around the neck. Come in today to ask a sales associate for a fitting.