You Just Missed Our Flash Sale!

You Just Missed Our Flash Sale!

Don't worry, there's plenty of deals to be had! Check out our Weekly Deals & Features page for the top offers on apparel, shoes, hockey, golf, skiing, snowboarding, racquet sports, soccer and much more! There's always savings to be had!

What's In A Deal?

Find your new favourite shoes, hoodies, shirts and more at Sport Chek during our Flash Sale events! You could save big during our next 24 or 48 hour sale, including deals on the products you love! Often times our flash sales include items marked-down to 50-70% off MSRP. Keep your pulse on the trigger because you never know when the next flash sale with include the apparel, sports equipment, shoes or fitness equipment you're looking for.

Often times we feature 250+ products in any given sale. Your next purchase is only a click away.

Take Advantage Of Free Shipping Credits

Did you know most orders qualify for free shipping credits? That's right; order products online, have them shipped to your door and don't pay for shipping. It doesn't get much better! Most flash sale items qualify for free shipping credits, meaning more money saved and even more value for you. Order flash sale or clearance items now and take advantage of free shipping credits now.