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Mark McMorris


Five stories in the air, fighting g-forces, and waiting for just the right moment to stomp the landing. That’s #WhatItTakes every time Mark McMorris soars off a jump—not to mention the fact that a few short months ago he was coming back from the worst injury of his career; multiple fractures, a collapsed lung and ruptured spleen. Talk about a comeback story.

Kaillie Humphries


150 mind-bending kilometres per hour: that’s the speed Kaillie Humphries and her teammates reach when they’re rocketing around the track in the glorified tin can we call a sled. It’s the kind of speed that would get you pulled over if you hit it on the highway. But hit it they will, with only a thin rope to steer their way around certain danger. Because that’s #WhatItTakes.

Charles Hamelin

Short Track Speed Skating

It takes a strong stomach to hit the ice with two razor blades strapped to your feet and reach speeds normally reserved for the road—and that’s leaving out the blades whizzing around you from the people you’re racing. Talk about a close shave. But that’s #WhatItTakes for Charles Hamelin as he tries to add another Olympic gold to his already-stacked medal case.

Atsuko Tanaka

Ski Jumping

It takes a certain kind of person to climb 900 steps to the top of a ski jump, and then actually choose to go down it—through harsh winds and biting snow, when your very survival relies on defying the limits of human flight. But Atsuko Tanaka is that kind of person: courage embodied. With years of training under her belt, she certainly has #WhatItTakes to soar.

Meaghan Mikkelson

Ice Hockey

Olympic hockey is more than a sport. It’s a modern day gladiator battle. And in the fight for Gold, Meaghan Mikkelson is the last line of defence, holding the line when the competition tries to make an advance. With a combination of strength, agility and sheer grit, there couldn’t be a better person to show #WhatItTakes than 2-time Olympian Meaghan Mikkelson.

Michelle Salt

Para Snowboard

Michelle Salt’s climb to Paralympic competition started in the midst of her hardest trial: a motorcycle accident that left her on life support for 7 days, and took her right leg above the knee. But today she stands at the top of her game – not just a Paralympian, but an inspiration. Her triumph over the odds is #WhatItTakes to come back from the edge of disaster to the brink of glory.

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