Everyone has their own way of getting fit and staying healthy. Incorporating different kinds of activities into your weekly routine will help keep your body functioning at its peak, whether you like to box, practice yoga or have a home fitness routine.

If you prefer to work out at home or maybe get into cross training in the park, be sure to include resistance bands that help test and stretch a wide variety of muscle groups. From leg stretches to working the muscles in your back, resistance bands from brands like Energetics and PTP will keep your body wondering what’s coming next. Jumping rope isn’t just for school kids. Like boxers have been doing for years, utilizing jump ropes into regular workout routines has become as popular as ever. Both Nike and Energetics make jump ropes perfect for your home workout or cross training routine.

Right from the comfort of your living room, use an ab wheel from Energetics to bust through belly fat and help sculpt your core. Need more variety in your activities? Include an exercise ball from Fitter or Energetics and try out a BOSU balance ball for an extra level of challenge during squats or any weightlifting exercise. If you’re getting bored with your usual workout routine and need an exercise that will leave you sore the next day, try a TRX workout system with resistance straps and more.

If you’re lifting weights, using kettle bells or tossing a medicine ball around, use training gloves to reduce the chance of injury and increase your grip and performance. Fingerless training gloves or from brands like Nike and Under Armour are designed to wick sweat away from your hands, protect your skin from scratches and blisters, and enhance your grip.

Both before and after your workout, use a foam roller to roll out your muscles. No matter what you do for exercise or how hard you’re working out, using a foam roller helps bring more oxygen to your muscles and can prevent soreness. You can also use a foam roller as part of many bodyweight exercises where you use the weight of your own body to work out different parts of your body.