Boxing, MMA, Protective Gear & Accessories

No matter how you’re stepping into the ring, you need the right boxing or MMA equipment to perform at your best and to avoid injury. Equip your home gym with a heavy training bag or stand-up boxing bag from brands like Century. You can spend hours fine-tuning your punching technique and building the muscles you need to win in the ring. Protect your hands with boxing gloves designed for both men and women. They also come in a range of weights for different fighters. The best boxers know that even when you’re training you need hand wraps to help prevent injury to your hands. Check out the different boxing glove designs from both Ringside and Everlast. Other essential boxing protective equipment includes head gear and mouthguards.

Many boxers hone their punching technique with the help of a speed bag. Whether they connect the speed bag to a door frame or use a speed bag platform to hold it up, they have the ability to safely throw a few dozen punches while in the comfort of their home gym. If you’re looking to take your boxing technique and your home gym to the next level, invest in the Bob Body Bag. This punching platform is molded in the shape of a man’s upper torso and head and allows you to train your punches to specific areas on your opponent.

MMA fighters, or Mixed Martial Arts fighters, will find they need less equipment for their sport than boxers do. The rules for MMA vary quite a bit from traditional boxing but fighters and those training in MMA still require MMA gloves from brands like Hayabusa or the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). To help with training, many fighters use a thai pad or shin pads to protect their legs while in the ring with a coach or practice opponent. Both MMA fighters and boxers can benefit from punch mitts worn by a practice opponent, too.