Utilizing free weights in your home workout routine is an excellent way to increase your strength and stay toned. Weightlifting doesn’t have to be all about lifting only heavy amounts. You can start with a 5 lb. or 15 lb. weight and work your way up to a 40 lb. weight as you grow your muscle mass. Those smaller 5 lb. weights can also be crucial for a range of exercises like barre routines.

If you’ve already got a few free weights at home, consider equipping your home gym with a workout bench to help vary up your workouts. You can change the types of muscles you’re targeting by lying down, sitting down, or putting a leg up on the bench. If you have a full barbell set, you can work out an even greater number of muscles and really push the weight limit of your lifts.

Thinking about incorporating kettle bells into your home fitness routine? You can get a standard 10, 20 or 40 lb. kettle bell from brands like Energetics, but they also offer an adjustable kettle bell that can be set to 20 or 40 lb.

A curl bar is another easy and effective way to both vary the muscles you’re targeting as well as increase the weight you’re lifting.

If you want to get into really heavy lifting, it’s best to invest in a weightlifting belt that will help support your core and spine. Weightlifting and training gloves from brands like Harbinger will also be essential to making sure you’ve got a solid grip on the bar and you’re always performing at your best. Medicine balls are an excellent workout tool designed to strengthen your core, your arms and other parts of your body. When your training sessions just aren’t delivering the results you’re looking for, use a weighted vest to make it even more challenging. Ankle weights will also provide an added challenge whether you’re doing reps that target your legs or you’re out for a short run to get your heartrate up.