Master every pose with ease with yoga mats and gear. Whether you’re getting ready for your first class, working on a few moves in your home, or you’ve nearly mastered your yoga practice, the right gear can be essential. If you’re hoping to take yoga seriously, it’s a good idea to invest in your own yoga mat from brands like Lole and B Yoga. A good yoga mat will be soft but supportive and provide a sufficient amount of grip.

Maybe you’re looking to take your yoga moves to the next level with yoga accessories like a yoga block. You can incorporate a foam yoga block to make your practice more challenging for certain positions and easier for others. Another accessory some yogis like to use during their sessions is a foam roller. Tools like foam rollers and stretch brands are easy and fun yoga essentials that assist almost any yoga move, whether it’s super challenging and you need help getting the pose right, or it’s not quite hard enough and you’re increasing the challenge for yourself. 

Make your post-yoga cool down easier with a yoga towel that’s designed to not only dry you quickly, but dry itself out just as fast. A good yoga towel is also designed to stay secure on your mat during your yoga session. Need even more help staying firmly connected to your mat during those extra-tricky poses? Get yourself a pair of yoga socks with built-in grips on the soles. They’ll help keep you firmly planted in place and also help wick sweat away from your feet.