Women's Athletic Shoes & Cleats

Whether you need a new pair of running shoes or footwear for your next golf outing, you'll find what you need at Sport Chek. We have an unbeatable selection of shoes that provide the support and cushion you need for all of your favourite activities. Sport Chek offers a variety of women's athletic and cleated footwear from most of your favorite brands and suited to each specific sport. You'll find that you can improve your performance by wearing the correct shoes designed with each sport in mind. For example, any sport that requires changing directions, such as basketball or tennis, requires shoes that will support the all angles of your feet. Indoor sports require a different type of sole from outdoor sports. From the gym to the golf course, there's something for all woman's athletic footwear needs at Sport Chek. Sports technology continues to improve, so it's best to choose sports specific athletic footwear for the best performance and protection.