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With over 200 Sport Chek Service Shops across Canada, our teams of trained and certified technicians can provide tuning services for your bike and get it ready for the season. A bike that is properly maintained and serviced will enhance your riding experience and will result in a longer lasting bike.

Our service shops are equipped to manage nearly every job needed to fully service a bike. In addition to the years of experience and technical skills available in our service shops, we have access to thousands of bike parts and accessories from most major brands. Whether your bike is in need of a quick adjustment or a full overhaul, we have a service package that will work for you.


Bike Build - Free with bike purchase

Our certified technicians will take the time to properly assemble your bike and ensure that it is ready for the road or trails that lay ahead. In addition to building the bike with safety and quality in mind, our technicians will assist in sizing, fitting and adjusting the bike to enhance both performance and comfort.

$30 fee for a bike not purchased at Sport Chek

Time: Subject to Workload

Brake & Gear Adjustment - $25

Sometimes all your bike needs is an adjustment of the brakes and gears. This servicing package provides the assurance that brakes will be safe and operating properly. Our technicians will also take the time to adjust the gears and ensure they’re shifting smoothly and accurately. Bikes that are consistently well maintained, cleaned and regularly serviced can benefit from this servicing package. 
  • Tighten cables to ensure brakes and gears are working properly

Time: Subject to Workload

Minor Tune Up - $45 + parts

Whether you’re pulling your bike out of storage, getting ready for your next big ride, or just want the peace of mind of having a safe and properly serviced bike, this tune-up package offers it all.

The Minor Tune Up provides a full bike inspection to inspect every component and determine the current condition of the components. By providing this inspection, our technicians can make better educated decisions on what servicing needs to be done on the bike and what condition the components are in. In addition to the inspection, the technicians will adjust the brakes and gears, clean the entire drive train (including the chain) and true the wheels.

  • Tighten cables to ensure brakes and gears are working properly
  • True wheels (minor)
  • Inflate tires
  • Clean and lubricate drive train
  • Measure chain stretch and inspect component wear
  • General inspection of bike frame and all components

This is an affordable tune package that ensures safety and gets you back on the bike trails.

Time: Subject to Workload

Major Tune Up - $100 + parts

The Major Tune Up is a complete overhaul for your bike. Our technicians will strip the bike to its frame and clean, lubricate and reassemble nearly every component. The servicing is offered to ensure that every component is restored to the best condition possible. Bikes that may have been neglected from previous servicing or are in need of a premium servicing will benefit most from this tune. 
  • Overhaul bottom bracket
  • Inspect brake pads, housing rotors, bleed brakes if necessary
  • Inspect headset, front & rear hubs
  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • True wheels
  • Lube drive train
  • Inflate tires
  • Clean Bike

Time: Subject to workload and availability of necessary parts

Replace Tube or Tire - $5 + parts

Time: While you wait, subject to workload