Water Bottles & Hydration

Staying Hydrated With Sport Chek

Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Whether you're out for a run, at the gym or at your desk, many experts recommend that the average adult consume eight glasses of water per day. Often times we forget to regulate our water consumption. One of the easiest ways to remind yourself to drink water is to have a water bottle accessible to you at home, at the office, in the car and while you're keeping active. There's plenty of water bottles to help aide you in hydrating throughout the day. Having a dedicated water bottle for each space helps reduce the risk of going long periods without a drink of water.

Did you know that we think better and react quicker when our bodies are hydrated?

Sport Chek carries everything from the widely-known Gatorade Squeeze Bottle for the gym to premium YETI Ramblers, Hydro Flask 32oz water bottles for your outdoor adventures, Under Armour insulated 1.9L water bottles and everything in-between. We've also got squeeze bottles for running, shakers & blenders, hydration packs and hydration belts to help keep you hydrated.

Keeping hydrated is the most important thing to consider when living an active lifestyle. Shop a variety of water bottles for all your active needs at SportChek.ca