Women's Running Clothing & Shoes

Women's Running At Sport Chek

Running is an easy sport to get into. It starts with a morning run to get the day started and ends with jog through the park to help ease you into the evening, leaving the stresses of the day behind.  Though it requires motivation and a time commitment, it's a sport that’s easy for any woman to get into. All you really need to get started is a solid pair of running shoes and some breathable running clothing. There are plenty of women’s accessories that can help elevate your running game. From water bottles to Fitbit Fitness trackers, Sport Chek carries all the top women's running gear to help get you moving.

The first thing you'll need to consider when getting into running is the type of shoes you'll need. First identify where you'll be doing the majority of your running. Did you know that Sport Chek carries women's running shoes for the street, park, forest, trail and more? From lightweight women’s running shoes to breathable socks to help wick away sweat, we've got everything you need to make running your passion.

Once you've got the shoes you need, make sure you’ve got the proper running clothing for the season. Remember that it can get cooler in Fall and Winter, so be sure you've got a running jacket, hoodie, sweat pants and more. SportChek.ca carries the top women's sports bras, tank tops, jackets, shirts, sweat pants and shorts to help find what moves you. Finally, make sure you've got a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Running while dehydrated can cause cramping and discomfort in your joints. Always remember to have a water bottle with you on longer runs. Sport Chek has a variety of small to large water bottles for every runner.

Once you're ready to take running to the next level, consider a Fitbit fitness tracker, Garmin GPS Tracker or Apple Watch to turn a morning run into a measurable activity. Set your goals and turn running from an activity into a passion.