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Track, discover, and improve your sleep with the SleepScore app. Using just your smartphone, get accurate sleep analysis, in-depth advice, and features to help you fall and stay asleep, Look for the SleepScore seals on products that have been evaluated by the sleep experts at SleepScore!

SleepScore™ Seal of Approval

Products with the SleepScore Seal of Approval have been through hands-on review by the experts at SleepScore Labs, so you can be confident these products work. Over half of all products that SleepScore reviews do not pass the rigorous criteria set by their experts, so you can trust the quality of solutions with the Seal of Approval. 

SleepScore™ Validated Seal of Approval

Products with the SleepScore Validated Seal of Approval have been through a dedicated research study using SleepScore by ResMed technology to objectively measure sleep while using the sleep product, and the results were found to objectively improve sleep in users. Based in science and research, you can trust that these products are truly the most effective of their kind.