City & Comfort Bikes


Designed primarily with your comfort in mind, city or comfort bikes are often equipped with thicker tires, offer reduced rolling resistance for efficient riding, and utilize wider handlebars for increased stability whether you’re on a paved trail or gravel backroad. When you’re commuting to work or school, or cruising park trails in your downtime, riding a city or comfort bike ensures a steady, sporty, and fun time on two wheels.

The Right Fit

Unlike other bike types where getting your measurements down to the last centimetre is necessary for finding the perfect fit for your body type and performance level, getting fitted for a city or comfort bike is less about measurement and more about comfort. How does it feel when you climb on the seat and do you think you’ll be comfortable on an hour-long cruise?

  • You need good extension of your legs when pedaling
  • You need one to three inches of clearance over the crossbar when standing with feet planted on the ground
  • You must be able to comfortably get on and off the bike

Because the fit of these bikes depends more on your personal preferences, you should be able to make the right adjustments to find the perfect mix of comfort and performance.



  • Durable, long lasting, yet not overly stiff
  • Provides a stable ride


  • Lighter, makes a stiff frame
  • Provides a more responsive and efficient ride

Key Considerations


Geometry refers to the design and size of all the different tubes (top tube, seat tube, downtube) and the angles at which they intersect on your bike – this is one of the primary factors for determining the right fit for your body and the style of riding you’re able to do.

City or comfort bikes offer a more relaxed geometry, meaning that when seated you’ll be able to comfortably reach the handlebars without bending too far forward and your back and head will remain mostly upright. However, the geometry of these bikes is also designed to put you in an athletic position when seated, improving the efficiency of your ride and your overall performance.

Wheels and Tires

Improving performance is all about reducing the rolling resistance when pedaling to make your ride more efficient. But it’s best to find a mix between firm tires that help with performance and rubber that absorbs some shock from the road to improve comfort.


High quality shifting components allow for crisper, more responsive movements when changing gears, allowing you to more efficiently gear up and down during your ride.