Keep Training Outside the Gym

Having a gym membership is one of the most effective ways you can get a good workout, but a healthy lifestyle isn't a part-time activity. Training, whether just to stay in shape or preparing for sports greatness, must be continued while outside of the gym as well. Fortunately, there are a few simple training habits that can keep you on the right track.

1. Keep a Training Log and Set Goals

While it may not seem that important in the beginning, keeping a training log is essential, and using time outside of the gym to do this is a great idea. These logs should keep track of your pace, activities, and even the amount of weight used while working out. Additionally, find your baseline heart rate by sitting at rest for a few minutes and then measuring your pulse for 15 seconds. Multiply this number by four, and record this as your baseline.

Additionally, fitness tracking watches are also an ideal tool that provide great data for a log. As time goes on, keeping this log will provide you with motivation as you witness your own progress. You can also use that information to adjust your own training routine, track gains and measure your improvement over time. Note that your baseline heart rate will reduce as you get into better shape, so no worries about this number dropping.

2. Have Goals in Place

This is where having a training log can come in handy. Time inside the gym is essential, but you use that time to reach the goals planned out prior to showing up and working out. Whether you want to lose a certain amount of weight or increase your mile pace by a particular percentage, having concrete goals will increase the likelihood that you'll make measurable gains.

3. Don't Forget to Sleep

While you really don't have the option of not sleeping, not getting enough of it can be detrimental. This is true for overall health and for appropriate training. After spending time at the gym or working out, the body's muscles need time to recuperate. It's when you sleep that your body goes into this repair mode. When you aren't getting the appropriate amount of sleep, your body simply isn't recovering from your time at the gym.

4. Feeding Recovery

What you put into your body has just as much of an effect on your fitness as your workout routine. It's obviously important to eat healthy, but it's also imperative to take in certain things that help after a workout. Poor hydration and nutrient intake and managament can make or break even the simplest workout plan.

Additionally, protein is an important part to any fitness routine due to its muscle-building capabilities. Always have protein bars or shakes around to ensure maximum recovery. It should also be noted that certain workout routines, such as the P90X-2, come with their own nutrition guides. This means that, depending on the workout, nutritional guidelines can easily change.

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