A lot of people nowadays look at competition as detrimental, often discouraging people because they might not be "as good" as someone else. When it comes to fitness, competition is perhaps the number one way to get ahead. This is why training with a partner can be so beneficial in your workout.

Being the Best:

The desire to be the best is simple human nature. No matter what activity you are participating in, you will always want to excel. Under this basic principle, training with a partner will help push you much harder than training by yourself. Even if you are better than your partner at a certain workout, he or she will start to push and catch up. Seeing this will cause you to push yourself harder to stay ahead. No matter how you look at it, this competitive aspect will keep you improving on your workout.

Accountability Helps:

Beyond the simple desire to be the best, training with a partner is also beneficial because it helps to keep you accountable to someone else. When you exercise by yourself, it is easy to make excuses, go easy on a workout, or simply skip a day altogether. When you have a partner, this is simply not going to happen.

Another way to increase accountability is to make sure both you and your partner wear heart rate monitors. This will help you make sure that you are staying within your optimal zone and can even provide another level of competition. Add some fun to your workout by seeing who can stay right within the sweet spot most consistently.

Training with a Partner for Better Results:

You might need a partner to keep you accountable to a routine, especially if you use regular workout equipment. To make things a bit more interesting, you might also look at bringing competitive sports into your routine. For example, get some basketball equipment and really test each other out to see who has more stamina on the court.

Regardless of how you train, remember that a partner can be an invaluable asset to your workout. Find someone who is just as passionate as you are about fitness and you will both benefit. This will keep you moving forward, and help you get on to bigger and better things down the road.

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