4 Tips to Increase Your Daily Steps (or How to Beat Your Activity Tracker Without Cheating)

Tracking your daily steps, whether you're using an activity tracker or pedometer, gives you a sense of how active you are -- or aren't. If you want to see better results, you have to make the effort to increase your daily steps. Several strategies can help you become more active, which can boost your energy levels, mood and overall health.

1. Opt for Face-to-Face Communication

When you want to ask someone a question or simply say hello, your instinct might be to pull out your phone and send a text or make a phone call. If that person isn't too far away, make the extra effort to communicate face to face. Walk over to your neighbour's house rather than sending a text. Visit your coworker's office on the other side of the building rather than making a phone call. Those extra steps will add up -- and you'll probably enjoy the face-to-face interaction, too.

2. Get Outside

The great outdoors gives you much more open space to explore, which can increase your steps. Go on a walk around the neighbourhood after dinner. Take the kids to a park and chase them around. Do some gardening or yard work. You don't have to always go on long-distance runs to increase your steps. Sometimes, typical outdoor activities can be enough to impress your activity tracker.

3. Park Strategically

Drive less and walk more. When you do drive, park strategically so that you maximize your number of steps. On a nice day, park at the back of the parking lot and make the longer walk to the building. Opt to shop and dine in a pedestrian-friendly part of town so that you can simply park your car once and then walk from shop to shop, which can boost your daily steps.

4. Go Out of Your Way

Skip convenience and instead focus on staying on your feet. Walk to the furthest restroom or coffee station in your office, which requires more steps. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Carry laundry up and down the stairs rather than asking your kids to do it. Walk around the park during your child's sporting event, rather than sitting on the bleachers.

Being active and increasing your daily step count require some effort. We have products to track daily steps, such as pedometers, as well as comfortable athletic shoes, to encourage movement. With the right gear and a commitment to get moving, a noticeable increase in daily steps will be easy to achieve.

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