4 Tips to Stay Motivated for the Long Haul

Getting in shape doesn't have an end date. Even after you've hit your goal weight, completed that half-marathon or increased your strength, it's not time to call it quits. However, staying motivated for the long haul can be challenging, especially when you've met your goals. Embracing new challenges and shifting your priorities can motivate you to make fitness more than just an activity. It can be your new lifestyle.

1. Create a Support Network

Surround yourself with people who motivate you. Seeing friends', family members' or even strangers' commitments to fitness can inspire you to remain on a healthy and active path. Take some group fitness classes so you're not exercising alone. Ask a friend to jog with you every morning. Take the family on weekend bike rides. With a team focused on the same goals, you'll enjoy the support and camaraderie, which can keep you motivated.

2. Track Your Progress

That number might have dropped on the scale, but a fitness lifestyle is more than just your current weight. Invest in an activity tracker, which can give you insight into what you've already accomplished and what you can accomplish next. Whether you want to track your steps with a pedometer, use a monitor to increase your heart rate or review your daily overall activities, you have many digital options to keep you motivated.

3. Reward Yourself

Your hard work should come with some celebration. To keep your focus on living a healthy lifestyle, reward yourself once you hit your next milestone. Buy yourself a new outfit after dropping some weight. Indulge in a trip to the spa to relax those muscles after a triathlon. Splurge on some new workout gear after a successful month of going to the gym. Give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work with a little reward.

4. Accept Change

If you're stuck in a fitness rut, you might lose motivation. Get out of that rut by changing up your routine. If you're sick of running on the treadmill, find a local trail to run with a pal. If cardio classes bore you, find a yoga or Pilates class to enjoy. Jump in the pool to exercise underwater. You have many exercise options, so don't pigeonhole yourself into the same boring activity every time.

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