Mountain Hardwear

Founded on the principles of innovation and irreverence, our purpose is to build essential equipment for the outdoor industry that enables people to push as far, as high and as wide as their aspirations carry them. Our expedition tents have summited more of the world's top peaks than any other brand and every product we make is designed and built with technical precision from this foundation. At Mountain Hardwear, Everything is Equipment. 

Military Inspiration Modern Touches

Performance construction and a Hollywood waist make the Redwood Camp Pant extra comfy. Flattering pockets for added storage without bulk.

Comfort with Performance & Style

The groundbreaking stretch-welded channel The Hardwear AP Pant is comfortable, durable, and has excellent stretch. Which means it can hang with you wherever you happen to be.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts. They saw the industry changing, compromising quality and dumbing down products to serve less technical users. Mountain Hardwear was founded to buck this trend in order to stay true to the needs of outdoor athletes.

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