Understanding the shape of your foot, while not as directly related, can also help determine your running style and selecting the right running shoe. An easy way to examine your foot type and the size of your arches is by removing the insole from a pair of your old shoes and looking at the wear pattern.

Flat Feet

  • Signs of wear will be evenly dispersed on your insole
  • Little or no supporting arch
  • Likely means you over-pronate – roll your feet inward as you run

If you do notice a inward roll of your feet, you are most likely running with a heel-first contact style

High-arched Feet

  • Signs of wear will show on your fore-foot/toes and heel on your insole
  • The arched (inside centre) part of your foot is high
  • Main contact points of your foot are fore-foot/toes and heel
  • Prone to under-pronation (supination) – roll your feet outward as you run
Outward roll of your feet is most commonly linked to a forefoot contact running style

Medium-arched/Neutral Feet

  • Only slight signs of wear will show on the outside edge of your insole along with wear on the fore-foot and heel
  • You’re likely unaware of arch sizes as they’re neither high nor low
  • Gradual inward curve of your foot
  • Least susceptible to injury but can still require some level of support
  • Likely have neutral pronation
Neutral pronation allows for multiple options - runners who have this foot type generally run with either midfoot or forefoot contact

Choosing the Right Shoe

Now that you have an understanding of what your foot does, it's time to check how you run and choose the right shoe. Start here with our Running Guide

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