4 Ways You Could Have a Better Session at the Gym

Are you feeling tired or discouraged about your progress at the gym? Don't give up yet! Use these four tricks to breathe new energy and motivation into your favourite fitness routines, or just make sure you feel more in control of the situation once you get into the gym.

1. Tweak your pre-workout routine

If you arrive at the gym feeling frazzled, maybe it's your pre-gym routine that's to blame. Keeping your workout bag packed and ready to go, right by the door or stashed in the car, is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that you'll always have exactly what you need when you get there. Even just finding the time to work out can be a massive source of stress that colours your entire gym session, too. Ease the stress by blocking time out of your schedule for workout sessions, just as you'd do for any other important engagement.

2. Have a goal

If you really want a successful workout session, you have to decide how to measure that success. Do you want to be able to run faster? Lift more weight? Lose a few extra inches here and there? Once you have a goal, make it specific. Don't just say "I want to lose weight," say "I want to lose 5 pounds by the end of the year." Then break that specific goal down into intermediate milestones so you can track your progress. If you're working with a trainer, he or she should help you set this sort of goal within the first session or two.

3. Adjust your workout days

When you first start working out, two or three workouts a week is a happy balance: Not too much, not too little. But as you build strength and endurance, you might find that you have to add an extra workout day or two to continue making consistent progress. Just make sure you give your muscles at least one full day of recovery time between strength-training workouts. Of course, the opposite can apply as well: If you're working out every day of the week, back off and give yourself at least one full day of rest each week. If you've been experiencing some symptoms of overtraining, you might need even more rest time until your body can recover.

4. Take care of yourself

Your performance in the gym reflects on how you've treated yourself out of the gym. Basic self-care like getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and eating well every day -- not just on gym days -- will help you perform your best in every workout.


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