The Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges might seem old-fashioned, but they all make use of the ultimate strength-training equipment: your own body. These and other bodyweight exercises don't just build strength and endurance, they also mimic the sort of movements you're called upon to perform in everyday life -- which in turn makes those movements easier. Keep reading for three more reasons why you should try bodyweight training today.

Anytime, anywhere

Yes, there is some specialized equipment you can use to enhance your bodyweight training -- but you can still get down and do a bodyweight workout absolutely anytime, anywhere, with nothing but your body. Better yet, you can use bodyweight exercises to build muscular strength or as a great cardio workout. Keep your pace brisk and move straight from one exercise to the next, adding aerobic intervals like jumping jacks or mountain climbers, to do a bodyweight circuit that efficiently targets every aspect of fitness.

They're easy to adjust

Bodyweight exercises might seem intimidating, but with just a little thinking they can be adjusted to suit any fitness level. Not up to doing regular push-ups on the floor yet? No problem -- just put your hands on the kitchen counter or the back of a park bench instead. If regular push-ups are starting to feel easy, add difficulty by wearing a weight vest or using a suspension trainer like the TRX to add instability.

More muscle recruitment

When you work out on most gym weight machines, you're working only a few muscles in relative isolation. But during real-world movements, all the muscles in your entire body have to work as one unit -- and that's just what happens during a bodyweight exercise. Doing lunges, for example, doesn't only work your quads in isolation as a leg extension machine would. Instead it forces your entire lower half to activate as one unit, keeping you stable at the same time the muscles act together to power the movement.

Although your body is the ultimate workout machine, there are a few pieces of equipment you can use to boost your bodyweight workouts. In addition to weight vests and suspension trainers, consider adding stability trainers to your workouts to recruit even more muscles and emphasize core involvement. All of this equipment, and more, is readily available in our stores and on

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