Promotion & Discount Code

Many promotions and discounts featured on will be applied automatically in the Shopping Cart. However, in some instances, you may receive a Promotion/Discount Code that you will need to enter during Checkout.

Follow these simple steps:

In your Shopping Cart, enter the Promotion/Discount Code below the order summary by clicking on "Promotional code?" and click Apply 

If your order meets the requirements for the Promotion/Discount Code, the discount will be displayed immediately in the payment summary.


Promotional Discount Codes

Online, Promotional Discount Codes (From Spend and Get Promotions) received via email can be redeemed during the payment stage of checkout. The Promotional code can be used to redeem the amount as a discount. Promo codes can only be applied to discount an order and cannot be applied to the entire value of the order. As such, a credit card (or other payment method) payment must be made in order to complete the transaction.