Shop By Appointment


The most qualified, knowledgeable and experienced snowsports advisor at the store, the Shop by Appointment advisor will set you up with everything you need (and need to know) for the complete experience.



Shop by Appointment allows you to book a personal service appointment for a specific day and time that is convenient for you. With a booked appointment, we will be ready when you arrive and will be at your disposal during the duration of the appointment.

  • For beginners or accomplished experts
  • For individuals, couples, families or even teams
  • Fit assessment or complete equipment set-up
  • Flexible appointment scheduling

This valuable service is available at no additional charge to Sport Chek customers.

Already have equipment, but just not satisfied with how it fits? Take advantage of our Shop by Appointment program and we will spend the time required to assess, understand and recommend solutions to get you the best fitting gear possible. Contact a Shop by Appointment advisor to find out more.

A Shop by Appointment advisor can be reached by selecting the store in your area from the drop down list on this page, then completing the appointment request form. Once the form is processed, we will contact you to finalize the appointment date and time.

Shop by Appointments are available for Snowsports Equipment only



Locate a store for your appointment

After receiving this request, a Shop By Appointment Advisor will contact you to book your appointment.