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Due to a global shortage of bike parts, we may not have all parts at all locations to help fully service your bike. Please contact your local Sport Chek for information related to available parts.

We offer a variety of services to keep you out on the trails, park paths, road, or wherever else your bike can take you. Regular maintenance improves the performance of your bike, helps keep you safe, and ensures that your components last longer. 

Everyone of our Technicians goes through extensive training to develop the skills necessary to diagnose and tune your bike based on your riding needs. 

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Junior Tune 20” and Smaller (Parts Extra) - $30

  • Bike Inspection - Wipe down and clean.
  • Brakes - Full check and adjustment.
  • Gears - Adjust for smooth shifting
  • Wheels - Inspect, true wheels, and adjust hubs.
  • Inspect and Tighten - All major components
  • Lubrication - Chain, cables, and all moving parts.

Minor Tune (Parts Extra) - $50

  • Bike inspection – Wipe down and clean.
  • Brakes – Full check and adjustment.
  • Gears – Adjust for smooth shifting.
  • Wheels – Inspect, true Wheels, and adjust Hubs.
  • Inspect and Tighten – All major components.
  • Lubrication – Chain, cables, and all moving parts.

Major Tune (Parts Extra) - $150

  • Removal of all components from the frame, inspect, and clean.
  • Overhaul of hubs, bottom bracket, and headset.
  • Replacement of shift and brake cables.
  • Inspect and lubricate housing - Replace if required (Housing Extra).
  • Frame clean, inspection, and polish.
  • Re-assembly and tuning of all components.

Replace Tube or Tire (Parts Extra) - $10 each

  • Tube/tire inspection, tube/tire replacement, inflate to recommended PSI.


  • Bleed hydraulic brakes - $15 each
  • Replace brake lever - $5
  • Replace cassette / freewheel - $5
  • Replace crankset - $10
  • Replace chain - $5
  • Replace front derailleur - $7.50
  • Replace rear derailleur - $10
  • Replace front or rear wheel - $10
  • Extensive Wheel Truing – Charged by time

PLEASE NOTE: Prices listed do not include applicable taxes. Not all services are available at every store. Contact your local store for service availability and estimated turnaround times.