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Sport Chek Roles

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Associate & Advisor Roles
Management Roles

Advisors specialize in one key area of store operations, bringing their trademark know-how and can-do spirit to ongoing responsibilities. Want to learn more? 


Clothing Advisor 

Knowledgeable about sporting goods and apparel. Great with customers. Clothing advisors are experts in our products and brands so they can help customers find the best possible fit for their activity.

Footwear Advisor

Shoe savvy. Primed for customer service. Footwear advisors love nothing more than working the wall of footwear to guide customers in making the perfect choice for their athletic pursuits. 

Hardgoods Advisor

Passionate about gear. Happy to help. Hardgoods advisors work hand-in-hand with customers to share brand knowledge and inform smart buying decisions. Hardgoods advisors could specialize in Bike, Hockey, Golf or Snowsports.

Softgoods Advisor

Into activity. At ease with customers. Softgoods advisors work the floor to help customers find whatever they need to make the most of their movement goals with fashion and function in mind.  

Visual Merchandiser

Artistic flare. Technical know-how. Can-do attitude. Visual merchandising associates bring the creativity to merchandise the store floor in ways that spark customers’ interest and get them excited about their active lifestyle while following our merchandising.

Order Fulfillment Associate

Passionate about product. Ready to dive in and make things happen. Order fulfillment associates are the heart of the store both online and in-person, making sure orders are fulfilled, stockrooms are clean and customers are smiling.  

Back of House Associate

Great with operations. Invested in accuracy. Back of house associates are the link across inventory processing, replenishment, tracking and efficiency for our merchandise.

Service Shop Technician

Ready to help. Great with repairs. Service shop technicians work hand-in-hand with customers to understand their service needs, then set-up, repair and maintain equipment to help customers max out their fun.


Efficient with inventory. Organized and adaptable. Shippers/receivers ensure that all inventory is efficiently and accurately received at or transferred from the store. Our ideal team member is very organized and can adapt to a constantly changing workload while maintaining a high level of accuracy, cleanliness, and efficiency.


Personable. Passionate. Prepared to be every customer’s first point of contact when they come into the store. Cashiers aim to deliver a positive experience for each and every shopper.

Advisor Leads bring their positive attitude and helpful nature to all things customer service, team building, store management support, and shift oversight in an assigned department. Want to learn more? 


Advisor Lead

You are a sports and active lifestyle enthusiast. You have a broad knowledge of a variety of sports and you are able to apply that expertise to advise your customers.  You are also someone who is friendly, energetic, and enjoy talking to people. Whether you’re problem-solving or helping your customer find a good fit, you understand the importance of relationship building.

Order Fulfillment Lead

Great with details. Talented at all things operations, accuracy, process, and efficiency. Organizer extraordinaire. Order fulfillment leads manage inventory tracking, pricing, replenishment and stocking to make things easy for customers and colleagues alike.  

Back of House Lead

Great with people. Equally great with inventory. Back of house leads keep everyone and everything moving behind the operational and inventory scenes to create a positive experience for customers and colleagues. 

Service Technician Lead

Motivated by solutions. Dives right in to create amazing customer experiences. Loves to own a process. Service technician leads oversee our service shops, including customer service, sales, loss prevention, and product servicing.

Visual Merchandising Lead

Your left brain and right brain are in constant communication. As a Visual merchandising lead you are creative, yet analytical when it comes to consumer buying patterns and market trends. As such, your job will be to combine artistic flair with technical know-how in implementing all aspects of merchandising on the sales floor. In short, your ability to enhance the Sport Chek shopping experience will contribute positively to eventual sales.

Cashier Lead

Brand ambassador. Transaction handler. Cashier leads guide colleagues in creating positive experiences for our customers from their first moment in the store to their ultimate purchase.

Managers bring together teams, operations, and customer service to set our stores and brands apart. Want to learn more?  


Store General Manager 

Create amazing customer experiences. Get excited about growing sales. Think big about store presentation. Store general managers serve as key ambassadors for active living, building the business and leading the team.

Assistant Manager

Bring A-game support to sales and operations. Be supportive of customers and colleagues. Champion procedures and processes that help everyone work better together. Assistant managers bring all the positivity to keep stores and teams running smoothly. 

Store Operations Manager

Passionate about training. All about making operations better, day over day. Big on sports, active living, and fun. Store operations managers keep team members up to date on operating procedures and process improvements, while building a fun environment. 

Visual Merchandising Manager

Creatively inclined. Analytically minded. Capable of understanding consumer buying patterns and market trends. Visual merchandising managers combine artistic flair with technical know-how to merchandise the store floor. 

Department Sales Manager

People person. Fun enthusiast. Natural coach. Department sales managers rally and develop the team to deliver game-changing customer service in any given department.