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Service Shop

Our Service Shops offer a unique variety of services to help keep you and your equipment moving. Every one of our technicians goes through extensive training to develop the skills necessary to diagnose and tune products based on your needs.

Service Shop Service Shop

There are three ways to book your Service Shop tune:

Online | Over the Phone | In-Store Walk-In

Step 1: Click on the "Book Now" link beside the video when ready to book in your tune

Step 2: Select the product category you want to drop off for servicing

Step 3: Select the location that you want to visit

Step 4: Book your drop off window

    You can bring in your equipment anytime before your appointment (ideally within 24 - 48 hours of the date and time you have selected).

    If you do not see availability, or your local store, we encourage you to call the store so that they can assist you (find your closest store here).

    Our goal is to complete your tune within 24 hours of your appointment, but this may vary depending on the servicing requirements.

Step 5: Add your contact information

Step 6: Bring in your equipment and any additional parts required for Servicing

    If you are booking a ski binding mount/adjustments, ensure that you bring the boot, binding, and skis.

Step 7: We will assess your equipment and recommend a tune or service that works for you and your equipment

    For a details around services offered, see Available Services below.

Step 8: We will fill out a work order and provide you with details regarding your pick-up time if the service isn’t being completed on the spot

Step 9: You will be notified through email once the tune is completed

Step 10: Pick up your equipment and review what servicing was completed with the Technician

Step 11: Get back on your equipment


Bike Assembly

If you require specific support with bike assembly, we have provided resources to help you service your own product at this time. CLICK HERE