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We Have Your Size or We'll Ship It Free

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We Have Your Size Or We'll Ship It For Free*

Can't find your size in-store?

If you've been browsing for a particular product and you can't find your size, there's a new option to order your product. We understand that it's important to try things on, so if you visit one of our stores and can’t find your size in a shoe, shirt, or any other item you’re looking for, ask your associate about our in-store tablet ordering system. In just a few clicks, we'll get your product ordered, in your size, and shipped right to your door. Oh, and we're paying the shipping!* This in-store offer applies to everything we carry online, so don't fret if you can't find the size you're looking for, even if it's a golf club or ski bindings! Try it out today!


Visit Your Sport Chek Store To Claim This Offer

Order On Our In-Store Tablets

Once you've talked to your associate to see if there's extra stock in the back, we invite you to use our in-store tablet to complete your order. The process is very simple. In just a few clicks, we'll have your product, in your size, on order.

We Ship Direct To Your Home

Don't worry about coming back in to pick up your order. We will ship directly to your door. Don't worry about shipping charges! As a gift to you, if we don't have your size in-store, and we carry it online, we're paying for your shipping.

Paying For Your Order

Payment can be accepted in-store, so you don't have to worry about processing your credit card online. Your associate can ring you in as the cash register and your order is complete. Want to pay online? We offer secure payment on our tablets too! We encourage you to try it out next time you visit a Sport Chek store.


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