Running Shoes, Clothing & Gear


Running is often seen as a low-cost sport accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Its minimalistic nature is a key selling point for many Canadians who want a great workout that doesn't require a gym membership or the commitment of finding a gym that can support their needs. Though running, in its most simplistic form, only requires a good set of running shoes, some breathable shorts and a light shirt, there's plenty of accessories that make running a lot more enjoyable and measurable. Remember that your old pair of runners might not be up to the task of taking on rugged trails or the grassy parkway. Make sure you know where you'll be running and plan on taking a look at the right pair of shoes to help you get moving.

There's so much more that can help turn running from frustrating to fun. Take timing for example, an Apple Watch, Fitbit fitness tracker or Garmin GPS transponder can help you measure time, distance, steps taken and calories burned, making the sport of running a lot more measurable. Set goals and try to beat them by the day, week or month.

A good water bottle is a must-have for any runner. Keeping hydrated is a must, for anyone who aspires to run farther, longer or faster. Sport Chek carries a variety of water bottles perfect for running!

Dedicated runners head outdoors regardless of weather, so make sure you're prepared with a warm hoodie, long sleeve or light jacket. Running in Fall or Winter can get cooler, so always make sure you've got the apparel to keep you warm (and cool at the same time).

Don't forget about shoes! Your old pair of runners might be falling apart, might not have the right grip or might not even be right for your foot. Consider a variety of road running, track & field, trail running or lightweight shoes that'll help make your running journey a lot easier and smoother. We've got all sorts of running shoes for every type of runner. Remember that there's a shoe for every trail, street or pathway.